##incredibleroot Channel Rules and FAQ

  • General discussion goes in ##droidincredible.
    • I mean it.
  • No discussion of anything illegal.
  • Try to keep it on topic.
  • You are not entitled to an exploit from anyone.
    • Yes, I know that you really want root.
    • Yes, I know that that guy got someone to buy him a phone and hasn't shipped anything yet.
    • Yes, I know that you're really angry at him.
    • No, you cannot DDoS him.
    • No, you cannot mail him bombs.
    • No, you can't discuss that here.
  • Before you propose an idea… read about the top ten ways that won't work.
  • Don't ask to test… if the developers need someone to test, they'll find you.
    • Yes, I know you haven't heard anything in a while.
    • Yes, we're still working on it. We just don't want to get your hopes up for exploits that might not pan out (and most of them don't).
  • Be excellent to each other.
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