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unrevoked forever radio S-OFF/S-ON tool

unrevoked forever is a tool to set your Android phone's security level to S-OFF. The security level is a flag stored on the radio; when the flag is S-OFF, the bootloader (HBOOT) will no longer check the signatures of firmware images before flashing them. This allows custom firmware images to be uploaded, including unsigned boot, recovery, splash1, and hboot images (as well as official images that have been modified). When the system is S-OFF, the NAND flash memory protection is also reduced; this allows all partitions (including /system) to be written to while the operating system is booted.

The most substantial benefit of unrevoked forever is that the change is stored in the radio's NV memory; no ENG bootloader is necessary to continue to flash firmware images. Even if an “unrootable” OTA update is accepted, a device on which unrevoked forever has been run will still be able to reflash a custom recovery image.

Important Safety Tips

We know you just want to install unrevoked forever. However, before you do, please read this section in its entirety. It contains important information to avoid bricking your phone.

We believe unrevoked forever to be safe for your phone. However, forever unlocks a few capabilities that make it substantially easier to cause (in some cases, permanent) damage. Here are a list of things to be aware of:

Supported Devices

At this time, the following devices are supported.

You can determine your radio baseband version by holding the VOLUME DOWN key while powering on the phone.

We believe the mechanism behind unrevoked forever may work for other radios and devices, and will add support as radio images are made available to us.

Note that these radio basebands are only need to apply the update. Once the update is applied, you may freely switch to any radio, including one that is not listed. The unrevoked forever update works at the sub-radio level.

Installation Instructions

To install unrevoked forever on your phone, perform the following steps.

CDMA Hero Note

In early versions of the Hero bootloader on S-OFF devices, neither S-OFF nor S-ON may be displayed. If you update to a later version of the bootloader, S-OFF will be displayed correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Splash

If, like us, you are excited about having a phone that is all yours, you can flash a custom splash screen with our logo. To do so:

Reinstalling an official recovery

If you wish to install a stock over-the-air update in the future (OTA), the safest way to do so is to install the recovery that originally shipped with your phone. To install an OTA:


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