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 The unr**evo**ked team. The unr**evo**ked team.
-===== I root my phone because... =====+[[https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dG1FekREdFZHb0NlelU3ZEMydV82VUE6MQ|This page has moved Thanks for your help!]]
-I root my phone because... 
-  * ...I don't like Sense; I think the stock theme is cleaner. 
-  * ...I wish to overclock my phone for better performance. 
-  * ...I wish to underclock my phone for battery savings. 
-  * ...to remove ads from market downloaded apps. 
-  * ...NANDROID FTW! :) 
-  * ...use of programs to back up current apps. 
-  * ...I only have the apps on my phone I want, not the ones my carrier thinks I want. ( i.e Amazon MP3)  
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