The top ten ways that you need not mention for rooting the Incredible

  1. Let's use the trick from the Desire! (No – we need a signed ROM from HTC to get that to work.)
  2. Let's put an image on the SD and see if it will boot that! (No. It won't.)
  3. Let's use the trick from the Evo! (No. The Evo depends on some specific stuff that Incredible doesn't have.)
  4. Has anyone tried fastboot oem unlock? (Yes. Everyone has.)
  5. Well, why not flash a new image? (No – you and what root?)
  6. We'll use the Shoryuken ptrace() exploit. (No you won't. It's been patched.)
  7. Mount the root filesystem, and modify it. (Mount it with what?)
  8. I installed the superuser.apk! What can we do now?! (nothing, you can install any valid apk, it won't work)
  9. What about kernel exploits? (there are a few that might work out, that's what's taking so long as we work)
  10. XYZ is really good at this and rooted ABC, we should get his help. (go right ahead)
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