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unrevoked3 recovery reflash tool

unrevoked3 is a tool to flash a custom recovery image to your Android phone. A custom recovery image allows you to perform advanced tasks on the system partition, such as flashing custom ROMs and taking a full backup of your phone (a “nandroid” backup). We recommend installing the custom recovery image for all users who want rooted phones.

It can be obtained from

At this time, unrevoked3 works on all versions of the supported phones, thanks to work based on the exploit discovered by Sebastian Krahmer.

Windows users, please download and install these HBOOT drivers.

unrevoked comes with NO WARRANTY (express or implied), and NO GUARANTEE OF FITNESS for any particular task. Although we have attempted to minimize the risk the best we can, the authors disclaim any chance of damage to your phone. The entire risk of running unrevoked lies with you, the user.

Supported Devices

unrevoked3 currently supports the following Android phones:

unrevoked3 will permanently unlock NAND write protection by default on the following phones:

We have noticed that the core mechanisms behind unrevoked3 may apply to other rooted current-generation HTC phones running Android 2.2. At this time, the tool does not support other phones; if you have an unsupported phone of that description, please get in contact with us.


unrevoked3 has been through the following versions:

Common Problems & Questions


unrevoked was brought to you by (in no particular order):

Special thanks to Sebastian Krahmer for the rageagainstthecage exploit.

Special thanks to _fenrir, ZanzDroid, TuffPoo, xrdodrx, and probably a few others that we've missed for helping out with support for the beta on the IRC.